Brixworth Music Festival 10th- 19th May 2019

The 2019 Committee

Gwion Thomas (Co-Director)

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Dr. Vivienne Olive (Co-Director)

Peter Dunkley (Patron)

Dr. Vivienne Olive, Composer, Professor of Music, retired, joint Artistic Director
Gwion Thomas, Singer, Teacher, Joint Artistic Director and Secretary

Peter Dunkley, Clarinettist, Conductor, Festival Patron, Artistic Adviser
Rev. Chloe Willson-Thomas, Singer, Vicar of All Saints Brixworth, Artistic Adviser and Event Co-ordinator
Graham Tear, Conductor, Teacher, Artistic Adviser
Dr. Stan Evans, retired, treasurer of Brixworth U3A , Treasurer
Annie Curtis, retired Head Teacher, Catering

Emily Curtis, Publicity, Website, Ticket Management
Oksana King,  Pianist, Teacher, Artistic Adviser

​Stuart Cooper, Composer Artistic Adviser

Kay Soteriou, Mezzo Soprano, member of the ensemble, "Muse and Music"

Graphic Artist for Posters and Leaflets – Jemma Kilkenny