Dr. Vivienne Olive, Composer, Professor of Music, retired, joint Artistic Director
Gwion Thomas, Singer, Teacher, Joint Artistic Director and Secretary

Peter Dunkley, Clarinettist, Conductor, Festival Patron, Artistic Adviser
Rev. Chloe Willson-Thomas, Singer, Vicar of All Saints Brixworth, Artistic Adviser and Event Co-ordinator
Graham Tear, Conductor, Teacher, Artistic Adviser
Dr. Stan Evans, retired, treasurer of Brixworth U3A , Treasurer
Annie Curtis, retired Head Teacher, Catering

Emily Curtis, Publicity, Website, Ticket Management
Oksana King,  Pianist, Teacher, Artistic Adviser

​Stuart Cooper, Composer Artistic Adviser

Kay Soteriou, Mezzo Soprano, member of the ensemble, "Muse and Music"

Graphic Artist for Posters and Leaflets – Jemma Kilkenny

Gwion Thomas (Co-Director)

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Brixworth Music Festival 10th- 19th May 2019

Peter Dunkley (Patron)

Dr. Vivienne Olive (Co-Director)

The 2019 Committee