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 ​​​​​​​International  Competition for Women Composers 2019

​​The Brixworth Music Festival, England, is delighted to announce a second international competition for women composers.

We are looking for a work that is 6-10 minutes long and is scored for string quartet and piano. The competition is open to any female composer and there is no age limit for entrants.

The following prizes will be awarded:

First prize: £500
Honourable Mention


The prize-winning work will be played by the Tedesca String Quartet, (the resident quartet of the Midland Sinfonia) at the next Brixworth Music Festival on 17th May 2019. The pianist, Charles Matthews, will be performing on the Festival's new piano.  

The jury comprises the following members:

Vivienne Olive
Professor of Music Theory in Nuremberg, retired, Composer, and Joint Artistic Director of the Brixworth Music Festival
Gwion Thomas
Singer and Joint Artistic Director of the Brixworth Music Festival
Nic Fallowfield
Violin, Tedesca String Quartet
Oksana King
Pianist and member of the Brixworth Music Festival Committee
Peter Dunkley
Conductor, Clarinettist, Patron of the Brixworth Music Festival Committee
Judith Weir
External judge:  Composer and Master of the Queen's Music

The committee of the Brixworth Music Festival reserves the right to find replacements for absent jury members. Other members of the Brixworth Music Festival Committee may join the judging panel as appropriate.

Further Information
Conditions of entry

  • Only one work may be entered which can, however, consist of several shorter pieces.
  • The entered work may not have previously been performed or published.
  • Performance material (score and parts) must be supplied by the prize-winner. 
  • Any instructions should be in English.


Closing date: 31st January 2019
Prize winners will be announced at the end of February 2019.

Entry fee: £20.00

Please pay by Paypal 

or make a transfer to the following bank account: 

Submissions should be entered as follows:
Entries must be in a large envelope on which a freely chosen four-digit code can be seen. This envelope must contain the following:

  1. Five copies of the work with its title and duration. No name may appear on the work – only the four-digit code.
  2. Clear performance instructions (five copies) in English if this is not clear from the score.
  3. Proof of entry fee submission and paypal payment.
  4. A sealed envelope bearing the same code which contains the following information:
  • a) Details of entrant (name and address)
  • b) a short biography
  • c) one recent photograph

In addition:
One digital copy of the score should be sent by email to the address below. The composer's name is not allowed to appear on the score, only the four-digit code.

Address:   Gwion Thomas
                    Brixworth Music Festival
                    The Vicarage
                    Station Road
                    NN6 9DF

Digital copy to:  

Please include the words 2019 Competition Entry in the title of your email

Legal Information

  • a) Submitted scores cannot be returned.
  • b) The organisation is not liable for loss or damage of the scores.
  • c) By taking part in the competition the participant agrees to abide by the conditions
  • d) The copyright remains with the composer.
  • e) The Brixworth Music Festival reserves the right of documentation, is entitled to make sound and visual recordings of all concerts and may use this documentation to publicise information about this competition. Sound and visual recordings may be used without charge in the media and to this end may also be copied, distributed, performed, broadcast and/or made available to the public. In the case of commercial use the participant will, however, receive appropriate remuneration.
  • f) There is no right to appeal..
  • g) The decision of the jury is final.